They grow way too quickly..

Why does it seem that baby years go so much faster than our adult years?! 

This is a question i find myself asking with every new milestone. It only feels like yesterday that Etienne was a tiny, wrinkly newborn who could only be comforted by white noise, so much that I had to download an app on my phone to play a hair dryer noise, in order to soothe him to sleep.

Now, he's this chubby, energetic, long legged, cheeky monkey who gets up to all sorts of mischief. He throws his hands up into the air when I say "up!" And runs his toy cars along the carpet making a "broom broom" noise. Anyone would think I'm talking about a toddler. Nope. He's 10 months old and he's growing up so quickly that I can barely keep up with him. He just keeps learning new things and new ways of getting around obstacles that I put there for a reason! (Mainly figuring out ways to get the phone down from the high piece of furniture I tried to hide it on.)

How has he been in my life for ten whole months without me realising how much he's grown or changed? When I look back at his newborn photos, I hardly recognise that baby. 
In the blink of an eye he's learnt to roll over, crawl, babble words, sing, dance, walk with his walker, clap, wave...the list goes on. All of this in ten months?! That's ridiculous, isn't it? 

 I realise that Christmas is only a few weeks away, which is frightening since last Christmas he was so little that he was wearing micro nappies and he had barely learnt to latch on when breast feeding. (Instead, he attempted to suck milk from my nose.) I remember him dressed as a Christmas pudding and being totally oblivious to anything going on around him. All he wanted to do was sleep. (Hmm, I should never have complained about him sleeping all the time. These days I'm lucky if he has one nap a day.) 

I can still feel the atmosphere on the post natal ward when he was born, I can still taste that incredible piece of toast I was given after the long, painful labour. In all honestly, I still feel shocked that he's mine. I'm not sure that feeling will ever go away? 
How did I bring this incredible little human into the world? I remember saying and really believing, when I was pregnant, that a baby wasn't ACTUALLY going to be in my life. It felt like I was pregnant forever, it felt like I would never meet him and like I'd forever have this big, rounded tummy. So when he eventually arrived (8 days overdue) I was in total shock and disbelief. Even after taking him home from hospital I couldn't believe what had just happened and that from that day on, I'd forever be a mum. I used to wake up in the mornings and see this little tiny 7 lbs beady eyed bundle laying next to me, his face so shriveled and his toes so small I was frightened they'd break.

Now, as if it's been no longer than five minutes, I'm planning his first birthday party and I'm keeping an eye out for his first pair of shoes whilst awaiting his first steps. I had a little browse through his memory box a few days ago, to find the tiniest pair of trousers I've ever seen; "how did he EVER fit into those?!" They were my favorite trousers on him and he wore them a good few times before outgrowing them. I still think the clothes he's in now are tiny, let alone THOSE! It's shocking, really shocking. Where has the time gone? Where has that newborn baby gone?

It may have gone a lot faster than I'd have imagined it would, but with every day bringing something new with it; I can honestly say I'm the proudest I've ever been. He's learning right in front of my eyes, growing stronger with every day and mastering each skill carefully, one by one.

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