Two years on; a quick catch up!

WOW, it's been a loooonnngggggggg time since I've posted.

Are we really almost into June?! Wait. Is it really 2016?!

Where the hell have the past 2.5 years gone? I really would love to know.

I thought I'd post a (very) short but sweet update as I plan to get my blog up and running again!

So, Etienne is turning THREE at the end of this year (OMG) and it's been a roller-coaster but truthfully.... times have been hard!

I think the 'single mum life' finally caught up on me since battling with a strong willed, super intelligent, hyperactive toddler...and jeeze, is it hard work...

YEP, we are well into the lovely stage that is the "terrible twos" and the only words of reassurance anyone can seem to offer on this are "wait until he turns three, 'threenagers' are so much worse!!"


I look back now on those early newborn days (generally speaking, those days were as follows: the baby would spend hours cooing in the corner whilst I spent my time restoring old pieces of furniture and sipping on a latte) and I ask myself this: when did it become so full on?

At what point exactly did I end up spending my time scooping a floppy, jelly-like mini human off of the ground? And when I say "the ground" I really mean the germ-ridden floor in the cheese aisle of Tesco.

When did Etienne decide that he hates wearing trousers/nappies/hats/really just anything other than his 'nee-nor' top?! I've lost count of the amount of times I've sat wrestling with him to get him dressed, only to leave the room for five minutes and come back to find him naked again. *Sigh*

I can't pinpoint when exactly my easygoing little baby became so fussy. Did he just decide overnight that he hates anything green and won't so much as put it anywhere near his mouth? (Unless its a leaf or something, in which case, it goes straight in the mouth!)

Example: "mmmm I love cucumber mummy, it's my favourite!" *takes one bite and regurgitates it within 0.5 seconds, never to ever touch cucumber again for as long as he lives..*

It's true, you don't notice these changes taking place until all of a sudden, everything has changed and it's somewhat overwhelming to say the least. I'd be lying if I was to say that I haven't felt out of my depth at times. To say that I haven't, at times, wished for some help, would also be untrue. 

In two years, I'll admit I have found plenty to stress about and more than enough to moan about, but I can wholeheartedly say that for every single negative I have encountered, I have found at least one positive. 

Some days, it's been hard going and I've been curled up in bed by 7pm with a stress related head ache and probably a few tears. Other days, I haven't even wanted bed time to come around because I've enjoyed Etienne's company so much that I wanted to make time stand still.

Some days, I've lost my cool and let the challenges of motherhood get the better of me, like that time I ended up bundling my grumpy, argumentative toddler into the car just to drive ANYWHERE as a last resort at preserving my sanity.....and the engine wouldn't start- that was a SHIT  terrible day. 

Screaming toddler + car refusing to move = STRESSED mother

(Thank God for the RAC man who saved the day!)

Other days, I like to think I have resembled super mum (almost.) 

There have been rubbish days, and I mean really rubbish.... BUT....there have been wonderful days, there has been hysterical laughter and there have been "OMG I love you so much I think I might explode" moments, too. Plenty of those, in fact!

It seems with every defiant, contrary, highly-strung-toddler comes a whole lot of character. And with a whole lot of character comes a whole lot of laughter. 

There have been so many new milestones; walking, talking, singing, bird-chasing, bossing mummy about...the list goes on. 

But the one thing that really stands out right now is personality. It is now that I am fully getting to know my son and all that makes him his own person.
Etienne might only be small but his personality is HUGE. 
And if there was one thing I could've wished for my son to inherit from his absent father, it would've been his humour :)

God, have we laughed along the way!