What's in my wardrobe?

I never thought I'd say it but...it would appear that I've conformed somewhat to the "mum uniform" without realizing. Thankfully, I'm not talking about frumpy dresses and "mumsy" blouses. I'm talking about how my every-day dress sense has gradually changed since becoming a mum. But, it's not a bad thing.

There are various reasons why women might dress slightly differently after they become a mother: lack of body confidence, fear of looking "silly", practicality, lack of time...the list goes on but at the very top of my list is comfort.

Back in the day, before having a baby, you'd find numerous pairs of high heeled shoes in my wardrobe alongside my "going out" clothes which mostly consisted of bodycon dresses and short-shorts. I owned clutch bags and tonnes of jewelry. Most of my money would go on clothes and my wardrobe was spilling with items I'd never got the chance to wear due to owning far too much and forgetting about half of the things I'd bought.

Fast forward a couple of years and you'll find something very different. Now, my wardrobe is limited to around 50 variations of breton striped tees, multiple pairs of  jeans and countless pairs of trainers and flipflops. Most days, I'll stick on a pair of dungarees, a stripey tee  and trainers without even having to think about "what I'm wearing today." When I'm feeling summery, you might find me in a maxi dress and sandals. That's about as glamorous as it gets these days. I don't do heels and I definitely don't do short-shorts. Plus, the only bag I ever seem to take out with me is Etienne's giraffe changing bag.....bye bye clutch bags, you impractical, useless things!

Comfort is by far the biggest factor when I'm choosing an outfit, because when you become a mum there are just things you have to think about when it comes to style. Naturally, you'll be doing a LOT of bending over (picking your wobbly, clumsy tot up when they fall; scooping your screaming toddler up off the supermarket floor; grabbing the dummy from the pavement for the 50th time in a row- that sort of thing) so, I'd say short dresses and short shorts would probably not be the wisest choice.
I do a lot of walking and a lot of trudging through fields and parks now that I'm a mother (plus chasing my sassy two year old down the street in an attempt to stop him from terrorising the pigeons) so, trainers are my go to for this exact reason.

But it's not to say that mum's can't be fashionable or have their own sense of style, it's just that looking glam every day is pretty much a thing of the past. Don't get me wrong, I still like to make an effort most days and I definitely don't dress like an old lady (at least I hope I don't. If I do, please do speak out now!) but I've definitely become more picky since parenthood. I might see something I love and think "I'll never have anywhere to wear that to" since you'll mostly find me in my PJ's by 8pm so, lovely evening dresses are a thing of the past. I might change my mind at the till because "I can't really pull that off as a mum, can I?" Which, I'll admit, is pretty ridiculous.

But, I actually like it. I'm thankful for the fact that dungarees and Tees seem to be "in" right now because these are the types of things I'm happy and comfortable in.

I thought it was just me, until I began to notice that A LOT of the young mums around my city are also wearing the same things. You only have to visit your local park to find a whole bunch of mums looking like they've been styled by 'Where's Wally?' It appears that stripes teamed with jeans and trainers has become the official "mum uniform" of our generation, that 'causal' is the new 'glamorous' and I'm absolutely cool with that.

Since clothes shopping is something I now do very rarely, I've actually started to shop quality over quantity, meaning I own a lot more quality items than I used to, and they're lasting me much longer plus surviving the constant washing and wear and tear motherhood dotes upon them (ie. crushed biscuit, milk dribble and crayola stains.) Trust me, I try to steer as far away from dressing "mumsy" as possible. Nobody wants to look like a grandma before their time, and motherhood is no exception to that. I'm always on the search for comfortable yet stylish clothing, which sometimes isn't easy to come by.

So, when Lite Apparel contacted me asking if I'd like to sample an item from their brand new, local clothing range, I simply had to say yes!

Upon browsing their online range, obviously I went for the *soft-touch urbanbrushed black tee* which you can find here! I chose this because of the easy to wear style of it; it seemed like the sort of thing I could probably wear with anything and I liked the look of it.

When it arrived, it's safe to say I wasn't disappointed. The T-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton so, there's no denying that it's quality and that it's SO damn comfortable. Not only this, but I've already worn it and washed it a few times and the quality is still of such a high standard; it hasn't turned to cardboard or developed an outbreak of those dreaded "bobbles" like some T-shirts might. Winning!

I think this might just be my new favourite T-shirt. No bullshit. I love the feel of the cotton, straight away you can tell that it's a quality brand, what with the soft, comfortable feel of the material and the clean, simple logo. It's perfect for both chilled days indoors and days out since it looks great with my obligatory jeans and trainers combo. There's nothing to dislike and I'll be sure to be rocking it in my local park soon enough! I wonder if the other mum's will catch on? ;) After all, owning a comfortable T-shirt is an absolute must have!


So, Im officially a fan of Lite Apparel and I have a strong feeling that this brand could become huge. Founded by a group of university friends, Lite is an ethical and sustainable brand who offer high quality products.  Being all about ethical fashion, what better place is there to start out than Brighton? I, for one, am a huge fan of local brands and I love to discover the background of a brand and how it came about. I think these guys are pretty inspirational and their views and knowledge seem to shine through their fantastic products! You can read more about Lite here.

 If you decide to check them out, let me know what you think! I can't imagine you'll be disappointed!

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